Advanced Transportation Energy Center

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Power Electronics and Power System Facility

ATEC power electronics and power system research is conducted in a 8000 sq. feet research laboratory in NCSU’s Centennial Campus. The research laboratory is equipped with the best power electronics and power system equipment that allows the center to conduct experimental power electronics system research related to ATEC mission. The lab is equipped with various three phase systems (208V, 480V) to allow the center to test the developed PHEV and PEV subsystems in grid tie mode. High power DC sources are available for testing motor drive units in the lab.

Power Semiconductor Research Facility

ATEC has extensive power device testing and characterization capability, including DC, AC, pulseand continious power testing capability. Device fabrication is supported by a shared, first class semiconductor fabrication facility housed in the ECE department. The ECE department also has a number of laboratories equipped with MOCVD and MBE machines suitable for non-silicon material research such as SiC and GaN. Additionally, the center has close relationships with Cree, Kyma and Nitronix in device and material research.

Battery Research Facility

ATEC battery research is conducted in an advanced battery research lab and a battery system research lab.

Vehicle Testing Facility

Through ATEC Partner NCCAR, ATEC also has access to one of the unique vehicle testing facilities in the nation. Designed by industry professionals for industry professionals, the facility includes:

  • 2.1 mile ride and handling course with a 0.5 mile straight, 15 feet of elevation change and 100′ runout buffers. The course is 40 feet wide to allow the use of cones and variations to corner geometry.
  • Integrated vehicle dynamics area (VDA) of 670 feet by 125 feet (approximately 2 acres).
  • Private garages (28′ x 32′) with lifts and integrated office, storage and support areas.
  • Private engineering suites flex-designed with individual office and bullpen accommodations.
  • Customized rental and/or lease arrangements to facilitate use of all NCCAR facilities individually or in combination.

Motor and Motor Drive

Through ATEC Partner Advanced Energy, ATEC has access to the  state-of-the-art motor
testing laboratory located here on the Centennial Campus of NC State University. By working on core technology development with ATEC and testing and compliance with Advanced Energy, member companies can easily take advantage of both entities.

Motor Testing Capabilities

  • From fractional up to 250 HP
  • Speeds up to 8000 RPM
  • AC motors, both single- and three-phase, as well as DC motors

Types of Motor Testing

  • Efficiency tests
    • IEEE 112B and CSA C390
    • IEE 114 and CSA C747-94
  • Performance tests
    • Locked rotor torque and current
    • Breakdown torque
    • Speed torque curves
    • Temperature rise
    • Reliability testing
    • Plug reverse
  • Drive testing
    • Drive commutation
    • Drive current regulation
    • Drive efficiency
    • Drive immunity
    • Drive emissions