ATEC research is financially supported by the State of North Carolina and industry contributions. ATEC’s founding industry members are Progress Energy and Duke Energy. Additionally, ATEC research is guided by the Transportation Working Group within the FREEDM Sytems Center’s industry consortium.

The benefits of becoming an industry member in the FREEDM System Center:

  • Leverage a much larger pool of funding for technology development
  • Serve on the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) to guide the center research
  • Select and rank center developed intellectual properties (IPs) for faster protection by the Intellectual Property Protection Fund (IPPF)
  • Exclusive first option to center developed intellectual properties (IPs) for commercial use
  • Access to center talent pools for additional enhancement projects
  • Access to center students for internship opportunity and employment
  • Access to center generated reports, publications, thesis and seminars
  • Be part of a group that will influence how the PHEV and PEV industry develops

ATEC Founding Members


ATEC Sponsors